08 April 2009

I Wrote My Sale Ad Yesterday

I finally bit the bullet and wrote my sales ad yesterday. Wanda is now officially for sale on dreamhorse and craigslist. This has been a difficult decision but I am unable to get her sound for riding so I'm selling her on as a broodmare. My thanks to all of you for your support and your kind words over the last several months! If you know of anyone who would like to own this fabulous mare please direct them to me.

02 April 2009

Do We Even Get That Channel?

Wanda went to the veterinary hospital today to have her abscessed tooth removed. Once we arrived, and of course, AFTER they'd sent the transport truck home (I arrived late-following a large detour due to my affinity for all roads that lead to not where I'm going; i.e. I got lost), the doctor called me back to talk to me. He announces that he took another x-ray on a hunch and her tooth is looking really good. In fact, it seems to be healing itself and doesn't need to come out today after all.

I'm standing there, staring at him, and all I can think is, "Do I even get the horse good news channel?" It's been such a long time since anything went right for my horse that I literally could not comprehend it for several moments.

In the meantime Wanda was standing there, drugged to the gills, snoring, lower lip practically touching the floor, and still trying the entire time to listen to my voice. Her ears were trying to focus the sound and she was fighting to keep her eyes open. Every now and then I realize that crazy, wonderful animal is sorta fond of me too!

Since the transport was gone, she had to stay overnight at the hospital. The doctor informed me there's a chance it could flare up again and to keep a weather eye out for that, but, for now, she's good to go. We're going to do another two weeks of antibiotics to hopefully wrap this up and she'll need another x-ray at the end of that to be sure the infection is totally gone. But for now, she's keeping the tooth! I am still so stunned and so grateful!

ya'll come back now, ya hear?