13 February 2012

Terrific/Terrrible Two's Here We Come

In two weeks my baby boy will be two years old. It seems like just a few months ago that we were planning his first birthday and now he's having a second one. It's been a year of big changes. Edward is walking very well now, even though he got off to sort of a late start. He knows his shapes and his colors and loves to tell you about them. He knows more words than I can count now and uses them frequently. Kid loves to talk about what he sees. And he's so excited to share his world with us. It's very cool. Of course, it isn't all giggles and hugs. He's got a lot of emotions crammed into a very small body and his way of dealing with them often involves lots of screaming. Very high-pitched, wrath of toddler, kind of screaming. Gets on my last nerve. We're working on no hitting. Although so far I'm the only one he hits. He's getting to be more independent. I'm typing this post while he watches his favorite video. And now he's come to snuggle so I'm off!

10 February 2012

Pleasant Surprises

I've been half-leasing Syd for about two months now and we've done some work that I'm really proud of. It's still a work in progress but getting him to come onto the bit is getting easier. In fact, every now and then I just have to whisper and he's right in my hand. Then there are the moments when I'm kicking him forward and muscling him around. I try to focus on the former rather than the latter ;0) He's also starting to get a little adjustable. On those whisper days I can let him out and gather him back up all within the same trot rhythm. Very cool feeling. This on a horse that this time last year wouldn't let me touch the reins without mentally shutting down! We've also been working hard at standing by the mounting block and he's coming along beautifully there.

But the best part by far was when K got on last week (owner and trainer) and was pleasantly surprised by him. She said he felt just like he had before she went on maternity leave. While I was slightly disappointed that I hadn't improved his overall way of going (just his way of going for me), I was ecstatic when I realized that I had kept him up. And I managed to surprise the trainer! Not an easy thing to do. She texted me another day to tell me that his cross-tie and mounting block manners were a lot better so I managed to accomplish that! Overall, I think it's been a successful experience and I've really enjoyed having this time to just ride and work on my own. I think lessons are going to start again in March which will be fun too.

ya'll come back now, ya hear?