16 July 2009

A Horse Hiatus

Well Internet, it has become official-I am taking a horse hiatus. I was shopping for a new horse when I discovered I'm pregnant. And I debated very seriously buying another one anyway. In fact, we were trying for a baby while I was shopping. However, people always tell you it will take months to get pregnant, so I figured I'd get pregnant in three months or so and then be able to ride for at least the first trimester-giving me six solid months of bonding with the new foosie. (a side note: a friend of mine at the barn reports that her young children referred to horses as foosies. Jon and I found this adorable and use it almost exclusively instead of "horse" now-you have no idea how hard it has been to write this blog without resorting to foosie) But, turns out I'm five weeks along already. And so, with great sadness, I decided to put horse shopping on hold until after the baby is born.

I'm saddened and frustrated by this decision because I know I would be back in the saddle faster if I had my own horse. Also, my instructor doesn't currently have a horse to teach me on so I'm not riding right now either. (although I'm looking at taking some instruction elsewhere so I can keep in riding trim as long as possible) I'm very lucky in that my husband understands how hard this decision has been for me. And how important riding is to my mental health. He promises to kick me out of the house on a regular basis for riding time once I'm healed after birth and to buy me another horse when I feel ready for one. Still, it's hard to give up the dream.

In the meantime I'll post about lessons as long as I have them. And I'm undoubtedly throw in some baby and family news as well.

So welcome to my new blog: Adventures of a Girl and Her Horse and The Baby!

ya'll come back now, ya hear?