12 September 2012

Um, OK?...

Dear Internet,

It would appear that my husband and I are house hunting. It started as a lark. And then we found a listing that we both really like. And now I can hardly wait until Saturday afternoon to go and see it. And a couple of others that we also like the look of.

Now we have an exit strategy and everything.

Dude, I think I may be moving in a couple of months.

But not to worry dear Internet, I'll still have connection wherever we are and I'll be riding too. Lesson tomorrow so I should head to bed.


08 September 2012

Dear Cold,

Dear Cold,

I'm tired of not breathing. I'm tired of coughing. I'm tired of feeling like death warmed-over.

Please leave by tomorrow because I'm supposed to work on the floor installation and I can't do it if I'm sick and I haven't done a show in a while and so people might think I'm faking if I don't show up.

The Body

05 September 2012

Talia's back :) And First Rehearsal

Our babysitter, Talia, is back on the schedule. I couldn't be happier. My house was clean and toys were organized. My boy was fed and happy. Plus, she's a super nice person that I genuinely adore.

I had my first rehearsal for Hello Dolly last night. I'm in the chorus and it should be a fun show. I met some really nice people. The music sounded pretty good considering we were all reading it cold. I'm very excited about my first show in several years.

And tomorrow I have a lesson with the incomparable K.

03 September 2012

Here We Go Again

I made the chorus of Hello Dolly and tomorrow night is the first rehearsal! I'm excited and nervous.

Edward is teething or getting a cold. Either way, he is a snot machine. Poor kid.

I missed my ride this weekend but I had a great weekend full of reading my book and playing with my guys.

I'm a little mad at a friend who hasn't written me in ages.

I'm also just a little mad at my house for not being located inside of Disney World. I mean, c'mon house, how hard would that have been?!

And now it's late and I should be in bed but instead I'm up and talking to myself on the internet. Hooray for my side?

ya'll come back now, ya hear?