03 November 2008

Lesson Day

I had a good lesson today. Wanda is getting more and more capable which is awesome. Today I rode my first three loop serpentine at the canter. We kept the counter canter on the middle loop. It was so easy for her. I lost the bend a few times but it wasn't bad for the first try. I now have a plan from Lisa about what to do when she spooks. First, I'm to remember it's just my girl losing focus. And then I put her into a very small circle and push her foward into the bend. Once she regains her focus I can move on. And hope like hell I can regain MY focus!

fear is a funny thing

Fear is a funny thing. I wasn’t worried first thing after I fell. It was later, when I realized that I had injured myself and began to be afraid it wouldn’t heal that I became afraid. But my fear of being hurt is transferring to fear of riding my horse. I feel pretty confident on the ground. I can handle anything she throws at me, including breaking loose. She’ll stop to eat and let me catch her. She’s good that way. But under saddle I’m becoming more and more nervous about her spooking. Even longeing is becoming a problem for me if she gets distracted. Lisa has been telling me how much more athletic she is now and I’m afraid I may have too much horse. I find this new wanda a little frightening and intimidating-which is not the way I want to feel about my horse. I need to find a way to work within my comfort level while expanding it again. Perhaps we can do some work on the longe line and I can work on my seat. I don’t want to be afraid of my horse.

ya'll come back now, ya hear?