10 January 2012

If you make a dumb decision...

I got on a fresh horse today and, after a ride in which he was behind my leg most of the time, made the decision to canter him and we had our own little rodeo. He was feeling great and decided it would be fun to add some bucks to our ride. Syd was surprised to discover that I did not consider these fun. I stayed on though-go me! Still, cantering a horse that I haven't ridden in a week was one of the more silly decisions I've made in a while.

I promised updates on leasing and so here is the gist so far:

It's going well. We're consistently getting at least one lap each direction of really lovely, soft, round trot. He's a funny character: sometimes he gives his back so easily and readily, other times he fights you every single second. I'm trying to get better with the timing of my aids to really reinforce those good moments. I've discovered that I CAN get the canter if I put him together first but we're not really practicing that much. I've been working on putting him together at the walk and trot and keeping him there. I hope to have a lot to show K when we start lessons again!

ya'll come back now, ya hear?