24 February 2011

A Year Ago

I warn you now that I have managed to break the letter o on my computer keyboard so it may or may not decide to type itself. I may or may not decide to go back and fix this because I'm sick. I've been sick now for three days and it's not fun. I've got the plague of death or a respiratory infection or something. Jon had it first so I blame him. We all had the first round of this plague two weeks ago. A friend was just telling me that this particular death seems t come in tw runds-a week or so apart. Then Jon got sick again. Then I gt sick again. Ugh. The only advantage is that my mom is here visiting so edward is being well taken care of. But it sucks to be stuck in bed while your mm and your baby are having fun. I like fun too.

Anyway, a year ago I was yelling about wanting an epidural and how if they'd given it me an hour ago when I first asked for it, then I culd already be out of pain. In just three more hours and fifteen minutes my sn will be a year old. It's been the fastest, slowest, craziest year of my life so far. The first half of it is a blur. I don't really start t remember things until abut september. I'm s glad that we took a lot of pictures. My dad is cming to visit tmorrw and then he and my mom will fly home march 1st. I'm really pleased that they're able to be here to celebrate this with us.

And it is our celebration. We have kept a baby alive fr an entire year!!! And he's grwn and gained weight and learned new stuff. He acquires new sounds every day. He is a joy and a light in my life. He has given me access to things that I didn't knw I had in me. I'd like to think that I'm becoming a better person by becoming a better mother. Happy Birthday baby boy. And congratulations to yur parents-they definitely deserve cake!!!

08 February 2011

Well, Duh!

Last week my trainer and I were talking about the "s" word. Showing. Tiny little schooling shows, she says. No pressure, she says. Except that every time she says that word she gets a little more excited and I get a little more panicked. But that's another post. We were working on the Intro tests when she told me to leg yield into the turns at C and A. And I had one of those "duh" moments. See, I'd always wondered how people made those beautiful turns all the way at the end of the arena without turning early. I mean, the horse I'm riding at the moment is 17.2hh and long. By the time his head hits C we're still two or three strides from the turn. And then she tosses that little gem out there casually, in the middle of some other feedback, and I about fell off the horse. It was so simple. So easy. Well, duh!

ya'll come back now, ya hear?